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Patient Participation Group

Working Together to Improve our Practice

Who are we?

In 2014 we started a virtual patient participation group by offering, through the surgery website, the opportunity for patients to discuss, offer experience or request advice about general medical subjects. Unfortunately at this time we did not have many hits on the website and although a small number of patients participated or responded to questions raised by the surgery manager and staff it did not appear to assist help find ways to develop the work of the practice. In 2015 we developed a meeting group from an appeal placed in the newsletter and on the web. We now meet about four to five times a year and through this initial period we have used the time to observe, what we feel are the requirements of patients, to advise and help the practice develop their services for the community. We agreed a terms of reference printed on the next page and are producing a constitution to enable a development plan to be inaugurated and maintained.

We currently have 14 members :- Paul Ashby (practice manager), Dr Bennett GP, Roy Connell, Rodney Dykes, Paul Ellis, Roger Exley, Helen Graham (Chairperson), Roger Grand, Barbara Jones, John Ledwich, Ken Lowe, Gill Mayren (minutes secretary), Ian Watson, and David Waugh.

A number of the members have participated in community and medical group/organisations to enable us to liaise with current thinking and initiatives in the NHS and allow us to gain access to putting forward the needs of our surgery in their planning. The group is also a member of a National organisation of Patient Participation Groups (NAPP), who undertake a valuable role in providing information about national initiatives and their objectives are shown below.

NAPP Objectives

As we progress it is important that we hear from patients about any specific requirements that could assist the service of the surgery in general terms and the role of the Patient Participation Group (PPG). We hope to initiate a discussion forum on this website to accommodate a flow of ideas and information between the patient body to build a valuable resource to assist taking responsibility for our own health, to assist carers and the staff of the practice.

We have produced terms of reference –